Upper Body Pulling

Get stronger. Get Functional.

38 EPISODES CATEGORY: Strength RUNTIME 04 hours, 32 min, 14 secs

About the Series

Stronger. That’s what you want, right? This course has a gradual scale of learning that begins very gentle, understanding how to do everything correctly and giving everyone an option to get started.

As the course progresses and your knowledge grows, we’ll move slowly into more technical aspects such as how to lay out your training and what to do to see progress.

Since this course is for everyone, I’ll  also cover specialised topics towards the end of the series, which you may or may not want to watch, but will include Biomechanics, Coaching, Recovery and more.

Topics Include

  • Why?

    Why are we trying to increase our strength and what are we aiming to do?

  • Prerequisites

    All the things you need to get started with upper body pulling.

  • The Foundations

    What are we aiming for and what should we be doing.

  • The Scale

    All of the various options to start or improve your upper body pulling.

  • The Details

    Getting down to the technical details of what’s going on.

  • Coaching

    Passing on the message in the best ways possible.

  • Common faults & fixes

    Detecting and correcting those bad habits in yourself and others.

  • Programming

    The meat and potatoes of how to plan, organise and start your training.

  • Recovery & Assistance work

    What you should also be including in your training.

  • Variations

    Some simple ideas for adding variety to your sessions.

  • Challenges

    Something to throw into your training plans every now-and-again.